The Old Map Company


Professional Framing

All our bespoke frames are crafted here in the UK using new technology and old school craftsmanship. Each frame passes through the hands of seven talented framers before it’s packed. The result? A high quality, totally unique frame made to display your map to perfection.
You’ll see every detail of your map because our Clarity+ Glazing is an exceptional grade acrylic that’s also used on the latest 4K TV screens! Although this material is more expensive than glass, it’s used in your frame because it offers superior UV protection, is far safer and is beautifully clear.

Giclee Print Map

Professional Printing

These exceptional fine art reproduction maps are created individually to your order using a state of the art patented printing process known as “giclée”, being the French word meaning “to spray”. Using the highest levels of precision available, the process delivers a fine stream of ink in 12 separate colours to saturate the fibres of our specially sourced 100 gsm Hahnemuhle Rice Paper, that imparts the very feel of an old document

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