A New and Accurate Old Map of the World

by John Speed 1651

An illustratively rich and fascinating Old Map of the World detailing the hemispheres embellished with most unusual representations of the four elements of Water by a figure at the ocean side - Earth by Mother Earth, with fruit and animals - the earth's bounty, Fire by Apollo and erupting volcanoes, and Aeros, the goddess of Air, with birds. There is an armillary ring style illustration showing 'The Heavens and Elements'

                                                                                                            50 x 37.3cms (19.5" x 14.5") ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Old Map of The World  £7.95    ($12.90 US Dollars)


Fascinating representations of Eclipses of the Sun and Moon adorn the base, whilst portraits of notable explorers including Sir Francis Drake, are placed around the outer circumferences of the spheres. Australia is absent and referenced The Southern Unknown Land. Our reproduction has sadly lost a little detail within a small area of Africa over the years, but is still a most enjoyable piece. One of two antique world maps that we publish.  See Orbis Terrae Novissima        


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