Fascinating Old Maps of the Kingdom of England & Wales                                                 

Published by John Speed - 1650

A Superb Map for Collectors.

The map of "The Kingdom of England" was based on a plate from Christopher Saxton's Atlas of 1579. Speede made a number important improvements on Saxton's work introducing new natural features such as lakes, woods, rivers and towns together with detailed county boundaries. The borders of the map show a series of costumed figures from village people to gentry.

50 x 37.3cms (approximately 19.5 x 14.5 Inches)              England & Wales  £7.95    ($12.90 US Dollars) 


The map includes a fascinating gazetteer incorporated that lists amongst other data the numbers of Cities, Bishops, Castles, Rivers and Parks within each county.      

Old Map of England

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