Double Hemisphere Old World Map

By Leonhard Euler

An eminent cartographer and noted mathematician of the 17th Century.
The red and yellow lines delineate the movements of a compass from due North.
Published within the Atlas Geographicus circa 1755 for the Royal Academy of
Sciences in Berlin. We have deliberately . .

Available as an Exclusive Fine Art Print

      19.5" x 17" or 24.5" x 17" (50 x 43 or 62 x 43 cms)

    Map of the World by Euler from £29.95  

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. . chosen not to remove the characterful staining of this exceptional edition. Our state of the art printing techniques and the use of highly refined parchment like print medium render this stunning map all but indistinguishable from the original to all but the most knowledgeable in the field of ancient cartography.

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