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From the 17th and 18th Centuries

This chart was based on the work of Nicolaus Copernicus an astronomer of the early 16th century and the first to reason that the earth was not in fact the centre of the universe. Nicely embellished with old zodiac signs. *Free Personalisation more >

1st Anniversary Gift Available as an Exclusive Fine Art Print

                17" x 20" (43 x 51 cms) - more info >                  Old Zodiac Chart from £39.95     


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1st anniversary gifts Old Zodiac Signs map

* Let us have your birth signs in the special message area of the cart and we'll subtly highlight them for you!  You'll then have a really poignant and inspired gift

PLEASE NOTE   This image is greatly reduced in size and quality - use the Zoomify feature (top right of page) to preview                                             in detail the quality of your own individually produced fine art print.                                                       

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